Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are we really supposed to hide?

I have been feeling tired from the chemo and anemia. I am trying my best to push through it.

So, the major thought on my mind this week has been, are we really supposed to hide the fact that we have this sickness? I realize that talking about our private parts is taboo, but we are sick, and people can learn methods of early detection by talking about this. I was told by a radiologist that there was a patient with the exact condition I have, and she was only 14 years old. 14! 1-4! I mean, how many of us have taught the young teens in our families about the subject of breast health? Do they know what a self breast exam is, or is this just something that we should not talk about. This can save their life. If a woman has no idea the general state of her breast, she will not feel a lump or tissue changes when they happen. The worst thing for breast cancer is to go unchecked.

Can we not discretely teach the women , both young and old, in our communities about this without loosing our modesty? The answer must be yes. We have to do this. It is a duty.

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sakeena said...

assalaamualaikum Fatima,

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. Thank you for starting it.

You know, I always wanted to do some public health type classes for the Muslim community with my public health background. It's so important for us to be educated, especially since many of the community members don't have regular doctor check ups from what I have heard/seen. We have so many people resources within our community who could help out with the educational classes. If I was still in Birmingham, I would definitely have wanted to work with you on this endevour.

If you do go through with this idea, let me know. I have some contacts in the public health department and other places that could help out insha'Allah. Our communities definitely need more health education and should not be hiding from it.